Architectural Walking Tour of the Tulpehocken Station Historic District

with DuRay Montague and Concetta Martone Dragani, PhD

Join Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion’s Board members, DuRay Montague and Concetta Martone Dragani, Ph.D., for a walking tour of the Tulpehocken Station Historic District. The tour focuses on the Resilience of Germantown. The tour begins at Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, moving west on Tulpehocken Street; south on Wayne; east on Walnut Lane; north on McCallum; east on Tulpehocken Street. The tour ends at the Mansion for apple cider and ginger snaps.

The Tulpehocken Station Historic District was Philadelphia’s first, and possibly the nation’s first, suburb.  Residential suburban development began as early as 1850 with the growing industrialization of America. With the opening of the new railroad lines, the district became an idyllic rural enclave within an easy commute to downtown.  Architectural styles featured in this Victorian neighborhood include Jacobian Tudor, Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Second French Empire.

DuRay Montague will present the history of the neighborhood and its homes, and Concetta Martone Dragani will describe the architectural elements of the houses.

Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 1:00 PM

Cost: $20; Mansion member cost: $16

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