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Private donors and volunteers saved this Victorian gem sixty years ago, and have made it a thriving museum serving history and the community for almost fifty years.  Please give today to continue this legacy!

Your gifts help the Mansion continue as a community and city-wide resource. With your donation, we can:

  • Celebrate and interpret the history of Philadelphians from the Antebellum Era, Civil War, and Gilded Age.
  • Offer free or discounted admission to our Germantown neighbors
  • Continue our Black history programs such as DEEP RIVERS
  • Provide outstanding cultural programming, celebrating Victorian literature, the arts, and theatre
  • Serve Germantown schools with rich educational experiences
  • Maintain our unique historic 19th-century building and gardens

Give today! Click on the donate button below.

Philadelphia Historical & Museum Commission | Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion

The Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion thanks the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission for general operating funds. These funds help support wonderful events and workshops at the Mansion.