Deep Rivers Artist in Residence

Linda Gail Sanders


Linda Sanders “At the Club” acrylic on panel, 24″ X 46″

Linda Sanders’ art installation will honor the achievements of 19th century Black Americans, focusing on historical figures highlighted in the Deep Rivers tour, including Francis Johnson (musician and composer), John S. Trower (caterer and entrepreneur), Henry Ossawa Tanner (artist), and Eliza Greer (physician). Sanders will bring their stories to life through a mural installation that she will paint onsite at the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion as an artist-in-residence.

The installation will be located in an unfurnished room on the second story of the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion. The room will be transformed into a colorful space that immerses visitors in Sanders’ abstract graphics. Birch plywood panels will be mounted over the walls to create a smooth painting surface that will not interfere with the historic surface of the walls. On these panels, Sanders will paint a continuous, scenic mural in her signature style that reflects her appreciation for Cubism.

The party will be held in the gardens with summertime refreshments. Guests can view Linda’s mural in small groups. Admission is free of charge to anyone living within the 19144 zip code.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Artist Linda Sanders is projecting a portion of her Deep Rivers-inspired artwork on the wall inside an unfinished second-floor room of Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion. This is the first section that visitors will encounter to their left when they enter the space. This figure represents Francis Johnson. At the center of Johnson’s trumpet is an African sun.

Linda incorporates Kuba cloth patterns throughout her work. These are patterns that decorate fabrics of the Kuba Kingdom people in the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.