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On view now through September 20th in Mr. Maxwell’s library is a pop-up exhibit titled “Views of Horticultural Hall.” Featuring images from the Mansion’s collection of over 8,000 postcards, these capture the impressive structure and surrounding gardens of Horticultural Hall, which was constructed in Fairmount Park during the 1876 Centennial Exhibition and later demolished. These postcards preserve images of a destroyed city landmark and attest to the fact that during the early 20th century postcards were widely produced for both correspondence and collecting. Stop by the Mansion for a tour to see even more postcards on display!

Collections Highlights

“Sunken Gardens at Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park, Phila., PA” c. 1901-1907

The Sunken Gardens were placed outside of the main hall, or Conservatory, and were planned to show off the latest styles in landscape gardening and planting.

“Philadelphia, Pa. Interior Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park” c. 1907-1915

This image displays the rich variety of plant life that was exhibited within the Horticultural Hall. Plants were brought in from all over the world, and the Conservatory was outfitted with gas burners to keep the space warm.

Collections Highlights
Collections Highlights

 Interior View of Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA” c. 1901-1907

The Horticultural Hall complex, including this vibrant indoor area, spanned over 400 acres. Note the creased and marked edges that suggest the postcard was collected and displayed in an album.

“Philadelphia- Interior Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park”

Another view of the interior of the main exhibition hall; this postcard was manufactured by the World Post Card Company, 1008 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

Collections Highlights

Admission to this exhibit is included with cost of docent-led tours now through September 20, 2017.

Tours offered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons at 12:15, 1:15, 2:15, and 3:15.

Cost: $7